Rang Barse!!


Hi Everyone,

 Once again the colourful  and the most fun-filled festival is here.

b191429c7fd73a5c3543572772df43c7Holi a vibrant, energetic and most colourful festival is celebrated mostly in month of march, a festival which officially announces the arrival of spring and which signifies victory of good over evil.

This festival is celebrated not only with colours but it is followed with loads of dancing, singing and of course good food.


Nowadays everyone in the world over has heard of Holi, the jovial and dramatic Festival of Colours. What originated as an festival  in India has quickly gained global attention and is now celebrated all around the world.


 For me holi is all about going crazy and enjoying to the fullest with friends and family.

What to Wear?

  • Keep It Comfortable – Wear whatever you are comfortable in . I usually prefer wearing kurtis, but one can even wear shorts and tee or tunics or whatever you are comfortable in. Comfort is the key mantra here.
  • Pop Of Colour – Try adding a pop of colour either with your accessories or wear something which has a dash of colour in it.

  • Tinted sunglasses are great for these occasions.
  • Footwear- Comfort is again the mantra here. Stick to slippers, something which will prevent one from slipping.


  • This is a perfect festival for styling your hair in any form of braid you like.

  • Apply loads of sunscreen and any sort of moisturiser or light base which will protect your skin from directly coming in contact with colours.

Before I sum up this post once again Wishing everyone a Happy and Fun-filled holi and  huge shout out to all my friends here and especially our fabulous friend Feroz Al Rahel  for  such amazing pictures.



            ***This is not a sponsored post***