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Wooden Arm Candy!

True Luxury is TIME!

While time may be infinite, the ways we check it are not. We’ve gone from sundials to pocket watches and smartphones to see what hour it is. But there’s something so satisfying, so deeply embedded in the culture in fashion about looking at our wrist to check the time, there’s been a shift back to the good old wristwatch,but this time with an eco-twist.


Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘arm candy’ is the fashionable JORD Watches. You can make a fashion statement with them.

 JORD makes some of the most luxurious sustainable wooden watches around. Their intricate, sophisticated designs employ top quality materials in a thoroughly eco-friendly manufacturing process. These watches are  stylish enough for the wrists of any age and gender, and sustainable too.

There are varied choices and options for both the genders to pick their favourite. I got myself the “Fieldcrest series ” a combination of ‘maple and zebrawood.’

This timepiece is not only classy and sophisticated but it adds as a beautiful gem to my collection.

Simplicity is the keynote of  all true elegance.”
~ Coco Chanel.

I hope enjoyed reading this post. What is your favourite arm candy?

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