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Vibrant and Vivid Sydney!

Hi Everyone,

As the name suggests, today on the blog I am gonna talk about “Vivid Sydney”.

What is Vivid Sydney??

It is an annual winter outdoor festival with light installations, musical events by local and international artists & ideas conferences. Starting somewhere in mid-May and lasts for about three weeks.

What to do??

There is a lot to do and see during this time period. One can kick start with cruise trips to get a glimpse of how the city looks from the water or stroll through the locations with the help of Vivid apps.

This was my first time at “Vivid Sydney” and surely it did not disappoint me at all. Sharing few of my favourites here.

 Starting off with the famous Opera house. During this time the magnificent Opera house sails come to life, they turn into an artist’s canvas. One can keep gazing at this beauty from different angles and never get tired of it. It is an absolute treat to the eyes.




Magnificent Sails!

Lights, Camera & Reflection!


   Next was the Museum of Contemporary Art.

This installation was termed as Organic vibrations. A rhythmic flow of organic artwork with vibrating sound, which made the facade of MCA appear as a dynamic entity.

Contemporary arts

Shades Of Colour!


Cityscape from the Opera House!

Cityscape8Lights and some more lights!!


Do you remember the song by Rihanna ” You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh” .. 😛

Well, the next pic might ring a bell! 😀

Under my Umbrella

I saw many couple pose and dance under these umbrellas or should  I say  “A glowing canopy”, which created a star like effect on a laneway.

Moving on from the Rocks to the Botanical garden.

This stretch had some interesting installations on display as well.

Garden Walk1

The majestic waratah is native to Australia and is the floral emblem of the state of New South Wales. To honour this extraordinary plant, the artists had created a huge inflatable light sculpture, sitting right next to the Opera house.


 Blow as the name suggests, One had to blow on the dandelion seed and it showed us how the seeds dispersed by wind bringing life to new ones. This natural phenomenon was beautifully depicted by these light installations and was termed as

Spreading Life!

“Birds of Lumos” introduced us to ‘Rowi’ the kiwi and her baby chick; she wore sight-enhancing goggles. As visitors gathered around them, they would glow and pulsate different colours through their light-globe bodies.

The Harbour Bridge

EORA – Bennelong honours one of Australia’s most mythologized and celebrated individuals from the days of the first contact: Woollarawarre Bennelong


This arresting art installation, projected onto the imposing southern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, was created by Bangarra Dance Theatre. They with their contemporary movement brought rare stories and historical portraits to life.


Freedom of Movement

Ford joined the Festival of innovation and creativity through an interactive light installation. Initially which looked like five illuminated giant swings with soothing music to sit and enjoy, later turned to a wonder of motion. I thoroughly enjoyed and kept gazing at it like the other kids around me. 😛

It was overwhelming to see it in motion.


 Inspired by Henry Ford’s vision to “change the way the world moves” by fusing colour, light, sound and motion to showcase Ford’s ongoing commitment to ‘Go Further’ and inspire the future of mobility.


Coca cola billboard
Coca Cola Billboard near Kings cross station

Tumbalong park4

Tumbalong Lights

32 dazzling beams of light which created patterns on the night sky. Gazing into the sky as I walked between the parallel rows of suspended lights, I saw dazzling beams of light interacting with one another uninterrupted into space.

Tumbalong park3

 Last but not the least was the

Magicians of Mist at Darling Harbour.

It was a sight to watch. The combination of fantastical fountains, flame jets, lasers, music, fireworks and walls of water showed the power of creativity and innovation in this spectacular projection.

Darling Harbour lights 0

Darling Harbour lights 3

Darling Harbour lights 7

Darling Harbour lights 5 copy




What better way to end this epic festival of light, music and ideas than fireworks!!


In short, I would say Vivid is a visual treat and one should definitely see it once in a lifetime.Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Have a Beautiful week with full of love, laughter and happiness!



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