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Long weekend getaway ~ NYC!


New York… concrete jungle where Dreams are made of !

Hello everyone,

I recently had the opportunity to visit Big Apple with my hubby, so I thought why not share my experience with you all.

NYC also known as ‘Big Apple’ is a city that never sleeps and is full of hustle and bustle. From Wall Street’s skyscrapers to the neon of Times Square to Central Park’s leafy paths, New York City pulses with an irrepressible energy. Every culture is represented here, and there’s always something to do.

We visited the Big Apple on the Labour Day weekend. Our stay was at Millenium Hilton located at Lower Manhattan, right across the one world trade center. We personally feel walking or taking the local commute is one of the best options to get the actual feel of the place, hence the location.

view-from-hotelThe view from our room was magnificent. Being an architect, getting to visit such magnificent art of work, was a dream come true.

A quick selfie, before leaving the hotel! 😛

Day 1:

We started off from Oculus Bridge, Santiago Calatrava’s phoenix at the World Trade Center. We were awestruck as we entered this magnificent transportation hub also a shopping destination.

Next The Brookfield place, overlooking the Hudson River, a gem of a place to shop, relax and just roam around.

From Brookfield Place we headed over to our next destination ‘The One World Trade Center’, also known as Freedom Tower. The Freedom Tower itself speaks about the strength and unity of people.Though we did not visit the observatory but we were at the Memorial Plaza for quite sometime.The plaza  has over 400 swamp white oak trees which were selected because of their durability and unique leaf colors. Set within the footprints of the Twin Towers, the 9/11 Memorial reflecting pools are visible reminders of the loss and absence felt by New Yorkers and around the world. 

Next stop was Battery Park, we had to get there before sunset. We walked through Lower Manhattan roads to reach our destination barely 15mins walk but we stopped almost at every corner to capture everything possible.

And our last stop for the day was at Pier A Harbor House  watching the sunset with some good food was pure bliss.

Day 2

I was super excited to begin our 2nd day visit.2nd day was all about Lady Liberty and Brooklyn. The weather was perfect bright & sunny.We started pretty early as we wanted to avoid the que to Liberty Island  via Statue Cruise Ferry, though we had our Passes.It’s worth grabbing an audio guide at both Liberty Island and Ellis Island and it’s usually included with the ticket. The guide helped us to know a lot about the history of the place. We even had our hands on some lemonade from the crown cafe,i have to say it was everyone’s favourite.Almost everyone had a glass or  two with them.

On our way back ,our ferry stopped at the  Ellis Island, which once an immigration station is now a museum.

View from the ferry!



Our last destination for the day was Brooklyn.FYI easy and cheapest way to commute in the city is the subway.All we need is a travel map and a metro card.

Our next stop was  Brooklyn Bridge,we reached around 4:00pm;though access to the Brooklyn Bridge is 24 hours per day and it is beautiful at any time of day, but sunset is particularly nice!  Walking on the approx. 1.1 mile long bridge we  got views of both Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.Though post  the walk, we refilled at a nearby coffee shop( i don’t remember the nae though).Oh did i mention NYC has stalls almost at every corner of the street,so whenever one is tired one can just refuel and start over.

Later on we began our march towards The Brooklyn Bridge Park. An 85 acre park,hard to cover in one eve. It has 6 piers, the historic Fulton Ferry Landing, and the preexisting Empire–Fulton Ferry and Main Street Parks.There are various spots which is every photographers dream spot. We even saw some 20 photographers all set with their gadgets to capture the sunset with the skyline, few wedding shoots were on the go as well.As it got darker we walked our way down the Brooklyn Bridge to Dumbo.Brooklyn bridge park is famous for it’s art work, one of which is the OY/YO sculpture. I was super excited to find the famous OY/YO sculpture.By the time we got done exploring the place,it was almost 11:00 in the night.We boarded a train from the high street to head to our hotel.

I hope you enjoyed my two day trip to Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, will be back with Mid Manhattan journey soon.

Thanks for stopping by,


Shreya!! ♥♥

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